Systemic constellations & Shakti Dance – yoga of dance & our music

Barbara Mroczkowksa & Magdalena Atkinson

Dear Guest! Welcome on our website!

Do you know this photo? Can you see the similarities?

It is us, Barbara and Magdalena, a mother and a daughter, two friends, to Scorpios. Our visual appearance is perhaps not that strong, but we are the soul mates. We share similar talents, followed by interests and passions. What joins us most is music, we both sing, play, write songs, organize concerts, and record our music. We are both idealists, we love our families, the nature and all which is natural. Thanks to the interest in personal and spiritual development and the creative approach to life, we keep joyful and young (at heart for sure). We decided to merge our passions into one website and we hope you will enjoy it! Here we will share our thoughts, our music and writing and by doing it we want to inspire all to more creative life!

We will inform you about our workshops and concerts and we hope to meet you one day! Please add your comments on our blog!

Basia i Magda

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