Barbara Mroczkowska

Psychotherapist, biotherapist, spiritual healer, singer, song writer.

Whom am I?

On this website I want to be myself as much as I can. There will be some information but most of all my feelings, what is important to me, what inspires me and let me love and understand people, this beautiful world and God with invisible realms.

So whom I am? Whom we are? We are the souls in human form going back to theSource of all creation.


I was bon in Olsztyn and I spend all my life in Poznan. I received a master degree at Poznan University in biology and for many years I had been teaching in the secondary schools.

As the psychotherapist I use the systematic constellations according to Bert Hellinger. I have finished the postgraduate school of this method in Krakow. For many years I run the workshops of systematic constellations w Poland and South England.

I have finished the 4 degree course of Spiritual Healing with Antoni Przechrzta, according to National Federation of Spiritual Healers in UK and I sue this method in my therapeutic practice.

I have been studying biotherapy and invisible surgery with professor Valentina Sozontieva, being for many months her apprentice. I also had learnt reiki with Barbara Karczynska. I also use the method Illahinor thought by Sarah Godwin and David Boldick from UK.

In my practice I combine the methods of psychotherapy, psychosomatics, biotherapy and spiritual healing and systematic therapy of Bert Hellinger. I use the holistic approach, healing the phisical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

I created Dom Natury – the House of Nature – the therapy and education Centre, in 2013 I invited my daughter Magdalena to join me and to search a new pathways for your creativity and spiritual development.

The House of Nature (Dom Natury) is my my home, where I live and work. Here is my therapeutic room for individual patients. In the spacious living room I organise workshops, meetings and concerts.

I love travelling, singing and my very special family (my husband, my grown-up children and 5 grandchildren)