Magdalena Atkinson

„I am a powerful woman who si walking o n this Earth
Come with me, let’s dance together, come with me let’s sing this song.”

Welcome my soul friends!
I am Magdalena, a doughter of Barbara. As a little girl I was growing up onder her inspirational wings, now we can fly together. Since childhood I loved music, I wanted to dance, then sing. Now I do both. Sometimes we need to travel far and wide to discover the destiny and to fulfil the passions. I use to travel a lot, in Europe, Africa and Asia, including a year ethno-musicological scholarship on Bali Island in Indonesia.
Laster in Greece I met my dear husband Thomas and since 2004 I live in South England. Before leaving Poznan, where I grew up, I sang different music, form medieval to jazz, form the choirs to bands, including my band Elispa, for which I was writing my first songs. Now I am still enjoying different styles, form French Chansons, by vocal quartets, to chanting. I wrote my first song Coat 15 years ago and I am still writing songs, even if not continuously, and share it with my audience during the concerts or workshops. In 2012 I have discovered Shakti Dance and after a year I found myself doing the teacher training of this beautiful practice. During the dance and the meditation I am discovering my truth and I listen to the voices of my body and the soul and I want to share that beautiful experience with you!

Magdalena Atkinson (DOB.1976)- graduated form F.Chopin Secondary Music School in Poznan, with master degree in musicology and teaching qualifications obtained at Poznan University. Since 2005 she is teaching music and movement classes for children and parents, she created the programme Children Love Music. She is a Polish Interpreter, musician, singer, Shakti dance teacher. Her passions: the nature, personal and spiritual development, yoga, shamanism, music and dance.