Systemic constellations according to Bert Hellinger

Bert Hellinger – is one of the most outstanding contemporary therapist and philosopher. He was born in 1925 in Germany. He studied philosophy, theology and pedagogy. Then he entered into the Missionary Catholic Order and left to live in South Africa for 16 years among the Zulu. This deeply rooted in tradition tribal community reminded him about the respect towards the all family and tribe members. These observations inspired him to create his own therapeutic method. After the return from the mission he studied psychology including Gestalt, Erickson’s therapy and psychoanalysis.

I had an honour to take part is the seminars led by Best Helinger. I have a great respect towards his work and his extraordinary and very effective therapeutic method. Despite his age he is very young in mind and spirit. He has been all the time improving and modified his method giving it more and more spiritual dimension.

Barbara Mroczkowska
The systematic constellations according to Bert Hellinger it’s a very interesting and effective method, which can help in solving many life problems like:

  • Family relationships
  • Human relationship
  • Personal problems
  • Challenges at work, business and finances
  • Difficulties in decision making

Facilitator and practitioner Barbara Mroczkowksa is graduated form the School of Systematic Constellations according to Bert Hellinger in Cracow, lead by Heiko Henrichs.

About the Systematic Constellations

People taking part in the workshops:

  • Active paricipants – whose who work on their challenges
  • Active observers- whose who observe and help to solve the problem. The benefits for observers is widening of awareness and often healing their own challenges, which resonates with the problems of the active participants.

During the workshops

All participants sit in the circle, after the short meditation active participant takes place beside the therapist and tells him quietly and shortly the matter of the problem. Then the active participant chooses among the circle members the representatives of himself and other involved in the problem, like a father, a mother, a son, and so on. He asks the question: Do you want to represent my father? After the positive answer the chosen representatives stand up and they are set in the constellation / in the space inside the circle. After a while the representatives start to feel different emotions, here we start to experience the phenomena of Hellinger’s method! The people in the inner circle start to feel the emotions of those, whom they represent, despite never knowing them! You need to experience it! Otherwise it’s difficult to comprehend it! Now the chosen people start to move following their inner need, without talking out it. They answer only the therapist questions. What is next? You need to experice it! How does it help?

This method helped many peole to solve their problems and to understand their reasons. This methos unlike many others allows to observe your own and others behaviour from the distance. It allows to comprehend other’s actions and to see your own participation is creating the problem. It gives the insight into your own and others psyche. We become more aware, what helps us in a better understanding of the actions of people around us and of our own, so then we can better cope with the problems, even when we can not solve it totally.

My reflections about the systematic constellations.

I am fascinated by this method for many years, and the longer I work with it, the more I am amazed by its phenomenon and its effectiveness, the wide range of influence and its spiritual dimension.

I am encouraging you all to take part in this extraordinary experience of the systematic constellations. This group therapy helps all who take part in the workshop, as it allows the better understanding of the human mind, emotions and the spirit. It resonates extremely well with our own problems and expand out awareness.

The Spiritual constellations and the soul vibrations.

All systematic constellations are very spiritual, but the spiritual constellations, known as the soul vibrations are this very fine example.

In these constellations we don’t talk about the problem openly, only the active participant explains the problem to the therapist outside the room. Then the active participants take place in the circle and he chooses the other representatives, without telling them whom they are. He only touches their arm and mentally sends them the energy and information about that represented person. All happens in silence. After the while the therapist starts to ask the representatives about their feelings. Here there is no space for any suggestions or interpretations, only truth is spoken. However for the therapist and the active participants all become clear. After the constellation all can stay silent but often the active participants wants to share with the group the problem they worked on and whom they represented. It is a very valuable experience for the whole group. After the constellation we all feel like the one family!

The leading force for this method is the restoration of Love and the Respect in the System. This is how the therapist should treat his clients – with respect, love and gentleness. However he also must be very decisive and not always follows the demands of the clients. He needs to search for truth and to follow the intuition. This was my lesson which I had gain during the training with Heiko Henrichs and I am very grateful for it!

Client’s testimonial:

I was very sensitive to face up my reality. I started with the visit at the psychiatrist. She listened to me and… wrote a prescription of antipsychotics. I escaped. Then I try to talk with the psychologists. There were 3 at different stages of my life. But waht they wanted was more visits. My nervous system was getting weaker, I had digestive problems and the heart aches. But thank to one of my psychotherapist I heard about the Systematic Constellations according to Bets Hellinger. It was a big shock, my easy got wider and I saw the light! It was becoming clearer. I have tried a few facilitators; some were like the iron ladies, full of criticism. Then I met Basia (Barbara). She had helped me to solve many of my problems. Meeting her always bring some new in sights into my life. The atmosphere is friendly, without any judgments. In my case Hellinger method works as the way to find out the truth. There is not always the clear solution, but I always see the problem the way it is. Everybody gains during the work with the constellations, not only the active participants. I recommend it to everybody to become at least the active observer, as all the emotions, related to the constellation, shows us a different world. It teaches us new insights, but most of all that the reality is not really the way we see it. With the easiness and the lowliness we can bow before the energies we can not fully comprehend. When we open our eyes we start to see that we don’t have to live in the world of our own illusions. This was my way of the return to health of my body and my soul. Thank you Basia!

Isabella S